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Shiatsu for Horses
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Equine Shiatsu with Liz Eddy

Shiatsu is suitable for ALL horses and affects all systems of the body. It works with your horse to understand how he feels about his body and any pain or discomfort that he might have. Nothing is forced or abrupt and this allows the body - and mind - to relax and let go. If a technique causes pain, then the horse/dog/human will focus on the pain in that area instead of releasing and allowing itself to relax and repair.

Shiatsu is not a substitute for proper veterinary care or diagnosis but is truly complementary.

If you are interested in learning equine shiatsu, please go to www.horses-shiatsu.com
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Horses need bodywork too!
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Signs that your horse might benefit from Shiatsu

* bucking or rearing
* spooking
* going disunited at canter
* unexplained lameness
* inability/unwillingness to bend or stretch either down or to the side
* headshy
* reduced mobility
* back tension
* and so many more.................

Mostly, I deal with soft tissue problems but stiff joints, problems arising from past pain of, for instance, a badly fitting saddle, ulcers, dental problems to name but a few, can also be addressed.

Sometimes one session is enough but if the problem is longstanding then it may take 2 or 3, but always it's the horse that lets us know.

Routine maintenance sessions, every 6-8 weeks will:
* maintain and improve flexibility
* identify and monitor any weak areas
* allow minor problems to be picked up at an early stage
* give you a better understanding of how the work you are doing affects your horse
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