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Shiatsu for Dogs
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Why choose Shiatsu for your dog?

Shiatsu is a therapy which is done WITH your dog and not TO your dog. I am guided by the response from your dog in what he is able to accept and work gently to unwind any areas where tension has built up in order to have greater range of movement and flexibility.

Shiatsu is looking for the source of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. For example if you have muscles that have become overdeveloped, this is to compensate for something else that is not working correctly.

Shiatsu allows drug free - or reduced medication - for the older dog

Shiatsu enables performance enhancement for the working/competition dog
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Shiatsu for the older dog

While we can, and do, use Shiatsu to address specific injuries and general musculoskeletal problems, it is originally used as a preventative therapy. Regular sessions are ideal for the older dog for many reasons:
* improve and maintain range of movement
* prevents other tensions occurring as compensation
* slows the degenerative process
* monitors any changes and help support them
* relieves pain and discomfort
* restores wellbeing, both pysically and mentally
* reduces the need for medication
* your dog will love it!
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Signs your dog may benefit from Shiatsu

* lack of enthusiasm when walked
* unwilling or unable to jump up
* difficulty getting up or lying down
* arched back
* not equal weight bearing in all four feet
* unhappy being touched in a certain area
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Dogs need bodywork too!
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